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Sep 12

Why do we love Maytag ovens? Let’s count the ways.

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Maytag MIR8890AS

7 hearts, but we’ve only got room for 5 reasons. (Maytag MIR8890AS pictured)

I think we find ourselves professing our love to appliances and electronics quite a bit on the Vann’s blog. Which isn’t surprising — this blog is kind of our love letter to those objects that make our everyday life a little better. Sometimes it’s a computer. Sometimes it’s speakers. Sometimes it’s an oven.

More specifically, Maytag ovens.

Originally, I had composed this as an epic sonnet to Maytag, professing my feelings towards everything from their stainless steel exteriors to the clearness of the glass on their doors.

Thankfully, the other authors here managed to talk me down to just listing my top 5 reasons in non-sonnet form. There will be no comparisons of Maytag to a summer’s day in this blog.

American Made

It’s hard not to get a little patriotic tug on your heart strings when you see this on a product.

We’re all pretty well aware at this point that most products we buy aren’t manufactured here. Usually, they’re not manufactured in any one place — everything tends to be a global assembly of circuits and motors. But not most Maytag products. The video above is a great (okay, it’s a little chintzy) reminder of the real people who are building these ranges.

Plus, in a time when the job market isn’t great, supporting jobs in the good old U.S. of A. is important.


These ain’t your grandmother’s stoves.

It’s hard to imagine that something like a range could be considered, “technologically advanced.” I mean, it heats stuff up right? But improvements in design, circuitry, and even heating elements make your hot box more accurate, faster, and even a little more energy efficient.

Just as a disclaimer — there are no energy standards for ranges currently, but things like burners with multiple sizes, more efficient induction cooking methods, and better temperature control all lead me to believe that the ranges of today are doing better than those of yesteryear.

Advances in materials are also present. Today’s ovens have bigger capacities without increasing their footprint because of better insulation and element placing.

There’s something we can all love.

AquaLift Self Clean technology

I already covered technology, but I think this feature deserves a special mention.

If you’ve ever cleaned out an oven (and I mean really deep cleaning) you know what a pain in the rear it can be. Oven cleaner has probably permanently scarred my lungs, and it’s never particularly fun to be bent over and scrubbing for an hour or two.

And of course, the heat.

Basically, AquaLift is a coating on the inside of your oven. Water and a low amount of heat (the demo I saw used what is essentially a bagel warmer to get to the correct heat) are used to help lift stains from the floor of the oven.

Their promotional video for it is fairly accurate — cooked-on food really does just wipe away from the bottom of the oven. It’s pretty cool to watch in action if you get the chance (although it may then have you doubting your own oven).

Maytag Care

There are a lot of companies on Twitter right now, but Maytag is doing something pretty awesome with the @MaytagCare account.

They’re listening, and addressing customers who are having problems with their appliances.

This is a pretty great thing for them as a company to do. It’s also fairly rare. It requires owning up to the fact that, even if you’ve got a reputation for reliable products, that things happen with their products. It’s reassuring that they take that seriously.

I also like to imagine it’s actually the Maytag Man at the other end of the Twitter account.

Imagine all the tweets in his voice.

10-year warranty (on some parts)

If the “on some parts” of this catches your BS guard, good job reading critically. If you see me at a Vann’s event, tell me about it and I will give you a free high-five.

But, back on point, the 10-year warranty isn’t on all the parts in Maytag ranges. Overall, most of the parts have 1-year warranties. But the parts that do have 10-years on them?

They’re some of the more important pieces.

In Maytag’s warranty info, they list these parts as having the 2nd through 10th year limited warranties:

  • Glass-ceramic cooktop, if due to thermal breakage
  • Electric surface elements
  • Electric bake/broil oven elements (excludes convection element)

I don’t know about you, but I think those are some pretty important parts to an oven. It goes to show how confident they are in their product that they even offer such a long warranty — 10-years is a long time to think ahead.

While I would have preferred to present my sonnet (c’mon, it was really good!), you don’t have to dig very hard to find a reason to count the ways you can fall in love with Maytag appliances.

Normally, I’d end this blog by asking what you love about Maytag, but I have a better idea. Instead, let’s put in the comments the first thing you’d bake in the oven (or cook on the stovetop), along with a link to the recipe. Yum!

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