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Feb 12

The Best E-Readers (and Romantic E-reads) For Valentine’s Day

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“There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It's like falling in love.” ― Christopher Moreley

Lee Glickstein said he’s been in love three hundred times in his life, and all but five were with books. I know the feeling, for books connect to me and stay with me, like I imagine V-Day’s mythical soulmate might. So in honor of the great love you have, want, or seek to avoid, enjoy these novels on the best e-readers this Valentine’s Day.

1. Gone With The Wind-Margaret Mitchell: For everyone insisting that it’s apathy, not hate, that’s the opposite of love, Gone With The Wind proves them right. Love and hate align for Scarlet and Rhett the moment they meet, when Scarlett throws a vase at the fireplace, forcing Rhett out of his hiding place behind the davenport. From there, they banter, fight, flirt, and push their way in and out of each other lives under the backdrop of the equally fiery Civil War. The conflict centers on Scarlett’s nostalgic connection to the dull Ashley Wilkes, representative of the traditional old South, and her passionate pull toward the practical reprobate, Rhett, representative of the new South. Now you can have all 1,000 pages of the book with none of the weight and all of the power on this Sony e-reader. 

2. The Notebook-Nicholas Sparks:  After hearing “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” you might be ready for a happy ending. The Notebook offers all the ache, poor timing, and tragedy of Gone With The Wind, but leaves out 800 pages and focuses on a more guileless young couple, Ally and Noah, though they do their own share of fighting, kissing, and slapping in the South. The couple’s first obstacle is their youth:  seventeen-year-old Ally’s parents find Noah unsuitable so they forbid Noah’s visits and later hide Noah’s letters. Then, their second obstacle is their age: when Ally struggles with dementia in old age, Noah tells her the story of how they met, loved, etc. Enjoy all the bittersweet nostalgia of first love with a 16 GB Samsung Galaxy tablet, which allows you to read the The Notebook, watch the movie, and listen to Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”.

3. Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen: It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman aged 12-102 loves Pride and Prejudice. I can’t say that I lose oxygen over this book. I just have too much pride and prejudice against a guy (Mr. Darcy) who would call me ugly and refuse to dance with me. Nor do I really change my mind about him like I’m supposed to after he declares undying, sincere love for Elizabeth Bennett. I probably just need to reread it since I read it last at age fifteen, and when I do, I plan to reread it on an e-reader that offers me other distractions, in case I get annoyed again.

4. Lady Chatterley’s Lover-D.H. Lawrence: This hilariously poignant and blunt novel is better read on an e-reader than as a physical book because of its racy cover. The novel centers on a Connie Chatterley, a resigned, apathetic woman living in a grey, grim coal-mining village with her crippled, impotent husband in a crippled, impotent post-war England. (Allegory, anyone?) Though Connie tells herself that the life of the mind overrides that of the body, it’s clear she’s rationalizing and craves the sensual as much as intellectual. It’s the kind of book you’d want to read one of the best e-readers with a night light, so you don’t have to stop.

5. The Lover’s Dictionary-David Levithan: The author of the young adult bestseller Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist released a V-Day inspired first adult novel last Valentine’s Day—a top-selling e-book centered on a two-year relationship’s highlights and infidelities. His breezy, readable book centers on a first-person directing at a second-person “You” in a series of dictionary entries as chapter titles/themes. Levithan says that he has written Valentine’s Day stories since he was a junior in high school and distributed them to friends and family. For a quick e-read covering the full spectrum of love or something like it, check out the cute The Lover’s Dictionary on Sony’s cute 32 GB 9.4” tablet.

Whether you’re reading out loud to your valentine, to yourself on the plane, in a cafe, or in your bed on these best e-readers, just remember that book lovers never go to bed alone.

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