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Sep 10

iPod Volume III – And it will make us enlightened beings of peace!

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Our nano had found its special place in our home, and my husband and I were happy to tinker with it on the now more frequent occasions we used it. But still, I scoffed at those who couldn’t function without an iPod at their side. And working in the consumer electronics industry, I’m surrounded by people who would not be opposed to surgically implanting their handheld devices.

But then a funny thing happened. I talked to a friend who had an iPod touch and loved it. This is the same friend who loaned me her Flip camcorder for our family vacation. I now own a Flip (and love it). Anyway, this friend said the magic words. “I’ll let you try it.” So I played around with the touch for just a few minutes, and within that short time frame my worldview shifted drastically. It goes on the internet. It plays movies. There is an entire store full of apps to address my every need. Suddenly, I could think of a laundry list of reasons this would make my life easier. I began preparing opening arguments.

“Look, honey, when we travel on the plane, we won’t have to carry the portable DVD player. We can just let the kid watch movies on here!”

“There are recipe and shopping list apps I can use to plan meals for an entire week! No more last-minute trips to the grocery store.”

“When you’re on the computer at home, I can use my iPod touch to check email rather than hovering over your shoulder impatiently tapping my foot until you finish messing around with your fantasy football lineup.”

And since I was six months pregnant at the time, “There’s a contraction timer app! We’ll know exactly when to go to the hospital.”

My husband hemmed and hawed. He found ways around all my arguments. He pooh-poohed the excitement I felt about the little gadget as a side-effect of working with people who elevate electronics to a holy status. And behind my back, he plotted to buy me one for my birthday. Which we celebrated just a few days before going to the hospital and coming home with  Bébé Deux.

The birthday present. He thinks he's funny.

Interestingly, while we were hanging out in the labor and delivery room, it was my husband who downloaded the first couple of apps (Mixologist and Frogger—obviously he finds childbirth a riveting process).

Over the last several months, I’ve become one of those people I used to scoff at. Oh, I’m not to the point where I curl up in a fetal position when I realize I left my iPod at home. But I feel conspicuously unadorned without it. Strangely, I hardly ever use it to listen to music, and I’ve never watched a movie on it. Instead, I like the wifi capability. I look up recipes on for dinner and put it on the counter in place of a cookbook. I check my email and the Lottery numbers. I browse a few of my favorite blogs. I keep track of my nursing schedule on NursingLog. And I download cheap novels from Barnes and Noble and read them on their free e-reader app. Indeed, life is much better with the iPod. Every day I hear of a new app or new functionality I can explore on my iPod touch. It’s fun and functional. Necessary? Probably not, but it certainly feels that way.

And my friend who has become my personal product advisor? She just bought an iPad.

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