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Aug 12

Dorm Room 101: Your last minute checklist

When going to college, nobody ever forgets the big ticket items.

You’ve got to have a computer if you’re going to do homework and surf Facebook, right? Everyone remembers the mini fridge. Frankly, college is the only time anyone ever has a mini fridge anyway. And, at least one roommate will ask, ‘who’s bringing the speakers.’

Then, there’s all the standard books, school supplies, clothes, sheets, and etc.

Yet, there are quite a few items an incoming college student may forget. They may not be as luxurious as a TV and Xbox, but these products are absolutely essential to maintaining sanity.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Yeah, like this guy isn’t going to make noise while you’re trying to go to sleep. (Picture by John Verive. Used under Creative Commons.)

These are so essential, let us repeat this like a mantra: bring noise canceling headphones.

Hey, I don’t blame you for not thinking of it. For 18 years before college, you’ve probably had a room all to yourself. Even if you shared a room, you could always scream at your brother or sister to shut up.

That’s not an option in college.

You have a roommate who sleeps mere feet from where you lay your head. That’s a roommate that could snore; that’s a roommate who could listen to heavy metal late at night; that’s a roommate who could have nocturnal guests.

Get a pair of noise canceling headphones. It’s not just a question of sleeping at night. Roommates can be annoying during the day as well. With a pair of noise canceling headphones, not only can you enjoy your audio in peace, you can also get a little freedom from the surrounding noise of college life.

Surge Protector

No more space on the dorm room power outlet for this fella. (Picture by Chad Miller. Used under Creative Commons.)

Yeah, its got about as little glamour as possible, but this is a key item to enjoying life in the dorms.

Think about it: technology is advancing at exponential rates, while dorms are remodeled at a snails pace. The wiring is old. The wall sockets are far and few between. Trust us, you don’t want to start life off fighting over who gets to plug in their computer. Tack on the mini fridge, sound system, TV, gaming station, etc and you’ve got a full on dorm debacle.

The solution is simple. Get a surge protector. With it, you’ll be able to protect your new college gear from faulty wiring as well as have plenty of space to juice your electronics.


Dinner diversity in college. (Picture by Carey Tilden. Used under Creative Commons.)

Sure; you’ve got a mini fridge.

That’s swell if you only want cold drinks, baby carrots, and popsicles.

But, you want to know what gets a college student through dorm life? The answer: top ramen, frozen burritos, and hot chocolate. And, you know what these need? A microwave.

Nobody thinks to bring one to school, but they’re quite crucial. They’re inexpensive, fit on top of the mini fridge, and guarantee you’ll have the option to munch on something warm. Plus, if you start getting tired of ramen, there’s a whole world of cooking you could explore with just your microwave.

Flash Drive

There are easier ways to get your homework to the printer. (Picture by Mike Gifford. Used under Creative Commons.)





Sure, there’s gmail and college servers to save all your homework for printing. But, you’ve only got to spend one all nighter, toting your laptop on and off campus trying to meet a deadline, to wish you had a USB flash drive. It’s not exactly an overpriced luxury item either — USB drives are considerably inexpensive and extremely mobile.

Flips Flops

These guys live in the dorms as well, on the bathroom floor. (Picture by Adrigu. Used under Creative Commons.)

It doesn’t matter where you’re going to school, you don’t want to be walking around dorm’s bathroom in bare feet. You can buy a pair of cheap flip flops for a dollar, but even if flip flops cost hundreds of dollars, it would still be worth it.

You DO NOT want to expose your feet to myriad of microscopic forms, living and dead, on the bathroom floor of the dorm.

What last minute back to school items did we forget on this list? Add your wisdom to the comments!

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