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Apr 12

Conserving (electric) energy in the bedroom

I love this concept . . . .

So many double entendres. So inappropriate. OK. Minds out of the gutter. Eyes straight ahead.

Let’s look at energy and efficiency in the bedroom (or, how can the electronics industry save you money and annoyance).

Just not enough to get us going . . . . .

I define efficiency in two ways. One definition relates to reducing energy consumption, which simply means choosing Energy Star rated electronics. Energy Star ratings are applied to top rated Blu-ray players, flat screen TVs, AV receivers and audio amplifiers. It is always worth the slight up charge for Energy Star electronics, as the savings in energy consumption will make up for the slightly higher price over the life of the product. But another meaning of efficiency is simplifying procedures and removing steps in a task. Which makes the bedroom the perfect place for CEC.

Conversational Consumer Electronics

CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control, and it allows your electronics to talk to each other. Not like sports talk, or swapping recipes, but electronic information. So if you turn on your top rated Blu-ray player, CEC lets the TV and the receiver know to turn on as well, because when you need top rated Blu ray, you need those, too. But turn on the receiver, and that’s the only thing that turns on, because you may not need the other electronics. CEC is just your electronics talking (thankfully silently) to each other for your benefit.

What does this mean to you?

One Remote, with one power switch. So, when you’re nodding off, it doesn’t take locating 4 remotes, and then juggling them into use with a lot of concentration — you can just groggily grab one remote and Shazzam, the whole system powers down as you doze off. That’s efficiency. No standing up, no having to keep track of multiple remotes, just a simple click and it’s all off. Quick. Easy. Efficient.

Power protection

Way more than we wanted . . .

If you’re worried about “vampires”, you know, electronics that pull power all day long whether they’re on or off, get a Monster Surge Protector. Not only will it protect your valuable electronics from surge damage, but when you’re done watching or listening (or more likely the next morning), simply click the surge protector off, and no energy flows to the vampires. When you’re ready to use your electronics again, click on the Monster and you’re good to go. This system works for any electrical system in the house (other than your computer) to keep your electronics from draining you dry.

Putting it all to bed

Keep this in mind: Energy efficiency is not just something you do, it’s a mind set. All week long we’ve been blogging about how to make every room in your house more energy efficient (take a look. they’re informative, and fun, to read!), and are filled with great ideas. But energy efficiency comes from wanting to be energy efficient, and making sure that you pay attention every day.

It starts with turning out lights in un-occupied rooms, and moves to recycling, and then to making sure you search out and buy Energy Star products for the home and office. Not only is the conservation of energy a founding principle of physics, it’s a way to live your life so you leave less of a carbon footprint.

And, in this case, no footprints are good foot prints.

Like Baby Bear's porridge, this is just right

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