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Jan 12

Choosing my best flat screen TV (and teams) for the DVCG’s

Flat Screen TV getting ready for football

Right now 28/32′s of the NFL’s fans are not happy. Their team is at home, thinking of chicken wings, dip, and the size of their best flatscreen TV — exactly the same as the rest of us.

But you know you’re watching the games this weekend, so you’ve got to make some rooting decisions.

The first decision — are you for or against?

Raven's vs. The Patriots

When it comes to the Patriots/Ravens, I am completely against, and totally stymied. My team, the Steelers, is in the same division as the Ravens. I hate them. On the flip side, I lived for 12 years in New Hampshire and had to put up with the annoying crowing of self-satisfied Patriot fans. Plus, they’ve beaten the Steelers in AFC Championship games. I hate them.

Which makes for a tough AFC choice, but it has to fall this way. The Patriots are not my division rivals, so not only do I hate them, I don’t have a lot of respect for them (Well, except for their football ability, and the way Brady was so lights out last week that he would have beaten the ’68 Packers; but other than that, no)

So I have to go with the Ravens. We see them twice a year, sometimes three, so, like it or not, there’s no hate like a close hate, and I’ve got to stay in the division. I’ll have to hate the Ravens less over the weekend.

Of course, if I had my way, I would air this game on my iPod Touch to show my disdain. While it does have a killer screen, it’s still only 3.5″ wide. This way, I can set it 15′ away next to the best flatscreen TV I could find, and spend the next three hours wishing it was my Steelers.

But, the viewing options aren’t up to me, so instead I’ll just concentrate on rooting for the wings, pizza rolls, and 7-layer dip for this game.

San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

Giants and Niners is a much easier call for me.

Since they’re not AFC, I don’t have any real strong dis-likes built up. I don’t see either team often enough to really build up a good, old-fashioned, deep-seated hate.

Okay, Actually, I have few likes here. But it’s not for the Niners. And here’s why. I like cold weather football. Tends to separate the men from the boys, and the Niners are in San Francisco.

First and ten, Niners.

I love to see mean, evil defense (hey, I grew up in Pittsburgh), and that says Giants. Yes, the Forty Niners are playing tough this year, there’s no doubt, and they had Ronnie Lott, which really counts. But when it comes to hard hitting, built to go, year after year knock them off the ball and let the penalty flags fall as they may Dee-Fense, it’s not the Forty-Niners.

Second and ten, Niners.

I actually have been in the old Meadowlands Stadium. In the end zone, with the wind chill at -10, after tail gating. Ah, the brainlessness of youth! My most vivid memory — wrapping my hands around a beer and thinking, that feels warm. And TV timeouts. They last about 45 minutes in -10 windchill. But I’ve seen them live, and that counts for something, and I’ve never even been to San Francisco.

Third and ten, Niners. Time to punt.

So, as I watch the divisional playoffs Sunday, I’m going Ravens and Giants. It’s the logical choice.

Well, the sports logical choice.

Ok, no logic at all, just a gut feeling. But what I do know, is that when “the big game” comes down to the Ravens and Giants, I’m going for the biggest, best flat screen TV I can fit in my living room.

But, deep down, I’m already rooting for the Steelers next year.

Blog by Vann’s copywriter George, who knows far more about football than Vann’s copywriter Adam (who knows there’s a ball, a foot, but hasn’t quite put the rest together).

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