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Jun 12

Choosing a freezer for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Freezers: keeping National Chocolate Ice Cream Day from turning ugly (Photos by Stu Spivack and Sister 72. Used under Creative Commons.)

We don’t need much of an excuse to talk about ice cream at the Vann’s blog. Truthfully, if we thought we could get away with it (and could figure out how to get Vann’s to pay for it) we’d just convert this blog into a series of posts of all of us just eating and commenting on ice cream.

Thankfully, today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, which is the perfect excuse for us to talk about it!

Or, since I still haven’t convinced Vann’s to change into an ice cream store, about what makes it possible to spend every perfect summer day a possible chocolate ice cream day: freezers.

Much like chocolate ice cream, freezers don’t come in just one style, and what you need depends largely on what you’ll be doing with it. In general, there are two main types of freezers: standing and chest freezers.

For those looking for extra frozen storage throughout the year, standing and chest freezers are the ones you’ll want to go with. Whether you just really like hitting up the bulk warehouse store to stock up on gallons of ice cream, or you’re a hunter looking to store this season’s bounty, one of these freezers is probably your speed. Both styles feature plenty of storage space, and usually allow for temperature adjustments. Some, like the Frigidaire FFUH21F2NW standing freezer, even have locks on them to keep unwanted scavengers (of both the wild and domestic variety) from making unauthorized trips into the freezer.

Of course, there can be some rocky roads with dedicated freezers.

Storage space varies between each type of freezer. While two freezers might, on the label, seem to have the same amount of room, unless you’re only filling them with water to make gigantic ice cubes, you’re really dealing with two different amounts of storage space. Upright freezers, because they rely on shelves, have less usable space than their stack-friendly chest freezer cousins.

A completely gratuitous chocolate ice cream picture. Enjoy! (Photo by stu_spivack. Used under Creative Commons)

It’s not completely cut-and-dry, though. Adjustable shelves in most upright freezers can allow you to get the most out of your available space with a bit of thoughtful arranging. Plus, it’s much easier to sort through an upright freezer than it is to dig through a chest freezer. Storage baskets make it a little easier to keep things organized in a chest freezer, but it’s still not always the most convenient.

Upright freezers also give you more storage options if you’re using a single freezer for many different types of food. While things will generally be frozen, stacking uncooked chicken on top of your emergency supply of moose tracks ice cream may not be the most appealing thing in the world.

For both styles, you’ll have to occasionally defrost, as most top rated freezers don’t run automatic defrost cycles, like the freezer on your standard fridge. This is because most defrost cycles raise the temperature just enough to cause ice to melt, trusting that your frozen foods will remain frozen longer than any clinging ice crystals. Unfortunately, this also means that your food (especially at the outer portions of containers or bags) can thaw a bit.

More chocolate ice cream. Yum! (Photo by Kanko. Used under Creative Commons)

For upright freezers, defrosting usually just means emptying it out, unplugging it, and then letting it sit open (or partially open) for a day or so while the ice melts. Then, you simply clean it as you would any other fridge, making sure to get excess water out, before plugging it back in to let it get back to normal operating temperatures. With a chest style, the process is similar, but water will pool at the bottom of the freezer, meaning you either have to grab a bucket, or flip the heavy appliance onto its front or side to let the water drain out. Some chest freezers, like the Danby DCFM246WDD, have drains at the bottom to help make it easier to get water out.

While I could ask you what your favorite style of freezer is, I’m much more interested in hearing what you’re favorite style of chocolate ice cream is. Give us your favorite (and maybe a link to a picture?) in the comments!

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